About me

Thanks for visiting my blog. I wish I could say that I post here often, but I'm much more of a slow blogger. Maybe someday.

You came here to see who I am.

My twitter bio says this: Follower of Jesus, Mommy, and widow who loves family, friends, God's Word, FoxNews, dill pickle dip, monograms, cheese, my iPhone, cooking and coffee.

I'm allowed more characters here so I'll elaborate.

I became a Follower of Jesus Christ when I was 19 and in college at Eastern Kentucky University.

I'm a mommy to a sweet nine year old boy. My late husband and I got him when he was almost four years old and finalized our adoption when he was five.

I became a widow at age 35. I was happily married to Jimmy Jasper for 12 1/2 years. We never dated. Our marriage was arranged by God. He loved God and loved people and I miss him terribly.

I love my family and enjoy spending time with them. I'm an only child. 

I have great friends in lots of places. Jimmy and I lived in several different places so we made great friends all over. We'll all be neighbors in heaven.

I love God's Word, the Bible. I believe it provides instruction for life.

I love dill pickle dip which consists of cream cheese and chopped kosher dill pickles. Eat it on pretzels, chips, etc. Trust me. It's good. I've eaten it my entire life.

I love all cheese except swiss.

I love my iPhone. It changed my life, not like Jesus did, but it did change my life.

I love to cook even though I don't do it often enough.

I love coffee and usually have one or two cups a day. I love getting coffee with my friends.

I work at an independent insurance agency as an agent.

Enjoy my blog!


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