Friday, August 30, 2013

My attempt at a Minecraft Brownie Cake!

So my soon to be 9 year old son is into this game, Minecraft. I really don't understand it but I'm not a 9 year old boy so I guess I'm not supposed to.

His birthday is tomorrow and he's having two friends over tonight so I thought I'd try my hand at a Minecraft cake. Of course I browsed pinterest for it and found several with brownies. Couldn't be to hard, I thought. I picked a very simple one on purpose, this being my first attempt and all.

My inspiration can be found at Gravity in Motion. She did some really cute stuff. We're on a very tight budget so I just attempted the brownies!

Mine turned out ok. At least my soon to be 9 year old didn't say, "What is it?"

 I used a basic brownie mix and made in a square stone dish. I figured if I needed squares I should start with one!

 I used premade white vanilla icing and colored it green with food coloring. It took quite a bit of food coloring to get it this color.

 I cut four squares. They didn't come out so great so I had to do a couple more.

 Assembled like my inspiration.

Put the green icing in a zipper sandwich bag, snipped off a corner and iced them!

Not too bad for an amateur who's never even played Minecraft!

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